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L uca Turin, a biophysicist and writer with a long-standing interest in the sense of smell, in his essay “Perfume” defines Leather (Cuoio) as “a monument intact in a classic perfumery and the purest emanation of luxury captured in a bottle.”

We started to study the fragrance from that definition and we created a rich scent, warm and sensual.

It was the first Pineider fragrance, and in 2012 was a finalist for the “Best olfactory creation of Niche Perfumes” by the Academy of Parfum.

Cuoio Nobile opens with a citrus note of Bergamot and Mandarin. It is made original by the precious accents of essence of Galbanum.

The body is characterized by the overbearing note of Leather, which is the main interpreter of the soul of the fragrance.

The very pleasant and persistent notes of Patchouli, Oak Moss and Tobacco give to the fragrance an extraordinary persistence.


€175٫00 سعر عادي
€145٫00سعر البيع
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