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"I love to compare a woman to a flower, sophisticated and delicate, but always proud and capable to highlight her personality. I found all these features in a flower I really love.

It was winter, I was in the middle of a white field of Amaryllis that, caressed by the wind, emitted their magnificent perfume and created a magical vision. The wind is a beautiful woman who catches the scent to wear it. I would like to help capture that magic in an Eau de Parfum to give those who wear it the intensity, sweetness and emotion of those moments" - Michele Boellis

Amaryllis Bianco is dedicated to a romantic woman who lives her fragrance and leaves an indelible memory as she passes. It is a very sophisticated fragrance with a white floral composition created by talented perfumer Maurizio Cerizza.

Jasmin Sambac gives the royal elegance together with amaryllis flowers and white magnolias.

PANAMA 1924 Amaryllis BIANCO - Woman - EDP 100 ml

€115٫00 سعر عادي
€107٫00سعر البيع
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