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This exotic floral and fruity fragrance takes you to the Garden of Eden where you enjoy nice freshness of juicy exotic fruits.

They are combined in a mixed bouquet of flowers which add a subtle fragrance of fascinating sensuality creating a veil of secrecy.
Head notes: combination of citruses and fruits. Bergamot, freesia and peach give sensuality to a mysterious garden of sole.

Heart notes makes you travel to the Eastern and Asian landscapes. The tenderness of roses, freshness of lotus and an exotic jasmine create a refined combination.

Base notes: the patchoulis emphasized with amber and musk, charm you and carry you away, just as the Arabian nights fairy tales would. 

For whom: A magician nymph - temptress. Her voice bewitches you like the song of a siren carrying you to the world of wealth, luxury and abundance.


€137٫00 سعر عادي
€127٫00سعر البيع
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