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Filled with warmth and sunshine, with the scent of fresh flowers and ripe fruits, mysterious and intriguing, "Elfe Blanc" reminds you of the serene Mediterranean summer. It is reminiscent of the high noon in the magical garden, located on the border between dreams and reality, and envelops you with the smooth notes of peony and juicy and refreshing chords of apple and lemon. The fruit of the garden gives way to the flowers of the meadows over which gentle notes of geraniums, violets, and carnations flutter like moths. Woven into their dance is the lace melody of the luxury fragrance, which continues with the chords of the precious rose. Finally, when the sun sets, and the magic garden is in a shade, the gentle floral melody terminates with the sexy notes of musk, sensuality of patchouli and softness of suede. The blow of the evening breeze relieves you from the fatigue and revives forgotten hopes and dreams.

This exquisite perfume composition is perfect for a romantic, refined and demanding woman who knows about luxury and beauty, mystical and intuitive, who can bravely overcome all the obstacles. Elfe Blanc was launched in 2016.


€137٫00 سعر عادي
€127٫00سعر البيع
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