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This autumn LES CONTES has delighted their customers with the novelty from their oriental series. This fragrance can be described as a modern oriental fragrance. Its composition hasn’t got this heaviness and  dense  resinous aura,  inherited from classic oriental fragrances that come  from India and  Arab countries, but still contains this amber notes, so characteristic for  oriental fragrances as well as comforting  velvety and amalgam notes .


Top floral peony notes make composition light and airy, and subtle pink lychee scent leads us to the bright accords of the heart note of this exquisite perfume masterpiece.


The magic of this  scent is clearly manifested in its base notes - a lively and luxurious rose fragrance, so delicate and tender, « intoxicates », but does not overpower, and tart, bitter, but at the same time fresh notes of jasmine take us into the depths of a heated by the sun eastern garden.


Warm pulsating notes of amber and white musk envelop the middle notes in a soft trail, giving the fragrance balance and harmony.


This fragrance is for those who want to escape the boring routine, to be transferred into the world of a mysterious fairy tale, immerse themselves into the refined atmosphere of the East, walk along the narrow streets of a medieval town, filled with aromas of roses and spices!


Fragrance family: rose, musk, woody.


Fragrance pyramid:

Top notes - peony, lychee

Heart notes - rose, jasmine

Base notes - amber, white musk


€137.00 سعر عادي
€117.00سعر البيع
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