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To fall into the realm of fairies means to experience unearthly bliss, but no one knows the road to the enchanted magic garden, except for the perfumers Les Contes! It seems the fairies have whispered the recipe, otherwise how can one explain that the composition causes a feeling of happiness? Charming shades of ripe fruit, watercolor splashes of flowers, a musky-wood background - and a drop of magic in each bottle.

Top notes: A bewitching composition of the most magical notes: pineapple, melon and exotic fruits.

Middle notes: The picture of perfect harmony and true pleasure is completed by the overflow of cyclamen, peach and violet.

Base notes: Light notes of Australian sandalwood and cedar, softened by seductive musk, give a pleasant freshness, subtle sensuality.

For whom: for refined natures who know how to enjoy every moment of life.

LES CONTES Bonheur Perfume 100 ml

€205٫00 سعر عادي
€195٫00سعر البيع
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