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A perfect alchemy of citrus and spicy notes


Hugh Parsons Traditional was the first launch of the line and still nowadays the best known.
In order to try to understand this fragrance, you should imagine being in the boutique of Hugh Parsons in London, during 1925, with horse drawn carriages passing along Regent Street in front of the windows of the luxury boutique.

The fragrance conveys and reproduces with a scent, the refinement and preciousness fabrics used for the production of ties. It is inspired by the colors of brown, orange, dark green, and deep blue.

It is a fragrance dedicated to the man with dynamic style, looking for a fragrance with personality: the brilliant harmony of spices notes combined with citrus head.


“We can not reject the persuasive power of scent… there is no way to oppose it“.
Patrick Süskind


Olfactory notes

The fragrance opens up with the citrus notes of Sicilian Lemon and Mandarin. The addition of Blackberry in the top note gives an original and slightly fruity sensation.

The heart is spicy, composed by Angelica Seeds, Cardamom and Juniper Berries: it is made extremely elegant by the Black Pepper from Madagascar.

The bottom is intense and sensual: the protagonists are the woody notes of Mysore Sandalwood and Ambergris.


€109٫00 سعر عادي
€85٫00سعر البيع
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