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The earth, seen from a sailboat in sea, becomes magical.

The spectacle of nature is no longer something to look at, but a universe to which you belong.

The scent of Acqua di Portofino Sail brings this philosophy through its essence, deeply emotional, and it differs in a unique way through notes reminiscent of the salty, able to revive the accents of the intense perfume of sea water that breaks on the rocks.

The top notes fresh and watery remember the scent of sea.
The floral heart leads to exotic and distant countries, while the base notes, mainly composed of woody and musky notes, give to the fragrance a great persistence.


«Guy De Maupassant stopped in September 1889 a few days in this port with his ship “Bel Amì” finding peace to his restless spirit and inspiration to his genius».
Friends of Portofino


€85٫00 سعر عادي
€73٫00سعر البيع
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