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While the moon reflecting in the sea the silence is broken by sounds of boats, rocking rings like bells.
Portofino is falling asleep, the night magically becomes an oasis of peace, it is the perfect place for whom loves relax, walks on the promenade close to the sea, peace and silence.

Acqua di Portofino captures the emotions all inside the bottle and creates “Notte”, a fragrance for the people of the nightlife that appreciate moments of silence and meditation.

The fragrance opens with a fresh touch of Saltiness, Lemon and a new note of Olive Leaves giving an absolutely original scent.
The heart of the fragrance is flowery with the typical scent of Portofino: the Butterbush is completed by a touch of Honeysuckle and Aquatic Jasmine.
The fragrance ends with a note of Olive
Wood, made it very persistent by notes of Amber and Musk.


«Portofino falls asleep in the night and the silence is broken just by the sound of the boats that, rocking, rings like a bells».


€85٫00 سعر عادي
€73٫00سعر البيع
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