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Dark, firm, vigorous, elegant chinotto

Sober and at the same time extravagant, decisive, profound, virile, and authentically elegant. The fresh, green, and citrus head notes of the green bush fruit leaves give way to a round, balmy, almost liqueur heart with a base of absinthe, juniper and incense that evoke the taste that you try to enjoy this delicacy bitter sweet.

Today the Chinotto is a true cult phenomenon, protected and pampered like a star, obtained again a great enthusiasm and interest, both a lot of young and mature people, so that, several fans clubs of bitter orange born, passionate fans who identify with his style, vintage, original, authentic and Italian pride.

Thanks to this big enthusiasm born the idea to catch the fragrance in all its facets of this precious citrus…Sober, elegant, with a vintage twist .. Elements that express a great tradition.


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